Heat shrinkable label

Undoubtedly, bright, beautiful label is an important attribute of any product, fulfilling the role of the trade engine.

Our company is ready to offer you heat shrinkable labels of our own production, using flexographic and rotogravure printing. Today, a specific role for the functionality of the labels, the modern market dictates its own rules and forces everyone to switch to the next level of packaging. Heat shrinkable label - is the best way to package blanks of complex shape, leaving a large space for the crativity for your designer.  Heat shrinkable label applies to a variety of beverages, dairy products, perfumes and household chemicals. Such label can be used for pretty much any packaging: glass, tin, plastic and others.

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Technology of heat shrinkable label provides:

  1. Using the most complex packaging shapes.
  2. Using the largest area of the surface of the product to place useful info.
  3. Protection against unauthorized opening.
  4. Keeping a strong and bright layer which is protected against fading and erasing.
  5. Using modern, quality equipment for labeling.
  6. Masking irregularities and defects of the containers.

Placement options for heat shrinkable labels on the bottle


Heat shrinkable label on the bottle


Quality heat shrinkable label including technology that uses gravure printing provides maximum opportunities to create a unique labels for products. Heat shrinkable label issues with rotogravure printing method that provides the most complete range of color through the use of special inks that are used only for gravure printing.

This unique technology can ensure ceaseless of the process of printing high-quality prepress and wide printing, providing maximum protection from counterfeit products. Scope almost has no limits: heat shrinkable label for conservation, dairy products, juices and juice drinks, covers for conservation (SKO), drinking and mineral water, lemonade, alcoholic beverages, baby food, household chemicals and cosmetics, aerosol cans, and much more.


Our company is ready to offer the following services:

  • Development and prepress design for your heat shrinkable labels;
  • Full color printing (flexoprinting and rotogravure printing), including holographic printing;
  • Horizontal and vertical perforation;
  • Selection, delivery and commissioning of equipment for using heat shrinkable labels;

Heat shrinkable labels won much attention from manufacturers and consumers. Consumers like such labels because it looks like an expensive good gift, it fits comfortably in your hand and  is pleasing to your eyes, manufacturers appreciate its opportunities for branding and promotion.

Heat shrinkable label - is a powerful marketing tool, the "face", which demonstrates the uniqueness of your products!