Solid fuel boilers

Professional heating equipment, performing space heating both residential and public buildings, is characterized on the basis of technical parameters. The most popular in the world today are the boilers for solid fuels (wood, peat, coal, etc.). The predominant feature of the use of solid fuel boilers is their high performance, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Solid fuel boilers are developed on the Ukrainian factory equipped with high-tech equipment, so installation solid fuel boiler in a separate room of the cottage, villa or a cafe, a restaurant, as well as the administrative buildings and commercial applications. Provide a high level of heat, comfort and durability. Solid fuel boilers are made of Ukrainian production of high quality steel components and spare parts. Our company provides customers with first-class heating equipment on the most democratic values ​​at the heating market.

Many owners of modern houses, cottages and villas located in the suburban areas, thought about software quality of your home heating system. The project to heat the dwelling, requires the participation of qualified experts, which in turn make up the wiring pipe, installation of radiators, equipment and carry out quality installation technological system. Buy solid fuel boiler, it is possible, by calling our company. The friendly and competent experts will answer all your questions and order.

5 years of warranty for solid fuel boilers with our installation.

5 years of warranty on solid fuel boilers

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19 500 UAH
5 years of warranty  with our installation! Solid fuel boiler Gefest-Profi U 15 kW will help solve the problem…
26 700 UAH
5 years of warranty  with our installation! Gefest-Profi U 25 kW - solid fuel boiler that can heat the premises…
31 700 UAH
Solid fuel boiler is designed for heating area up to 320 m2. It has patented convection system.
38 500 UAH
Solid fuel boiler model U 50 outputs 50 kW and can heat room up to 400 m2. It has a microprocessor control unit that controls…
45 600 UAH
Solid fuel boiler U 70 outputs 70 kW, while in its design includes a control unit and a convection bell-type system.…
62 800 UAH
Solid fuel boiler Gefest-Profi can heat room up to 800 m2. One of the features of the solid fuel boiler is the…
78 800 UAH
5-year warranty with our installation! The boiler can use any kind of fuel - wood, peat, coal and rubble. Solid fuel boiler Gefest is…
89 800 UAH
Solid fuel boiler Gefest-Profi has capacity of 200 kW and it can heat area up to 1600 m2. As a source of fuel there…
108 800 UAH
Solid fuel boiler Gefest-Profi has capacity of 250 kW and it can heat area up to 2000 m2. Microprocessor unit…
134 800 UAH
Solid fuel boiler Gefest-Profi has capacity of 350 kW and it can heat area up to 2800 m2. Microprocessor unit…
186 300 UAH
Solid fuel boiler Gefest-Profi has capacity of 500 kW and it can heat area up to 4000 m2. Microprocessor unit…
209 000 UAH
Solid fuel boiler Gefest-Profi has capacity of 600 kW and it can heat area up to 4800 m2. Microprocessor unit…
231 500 UAH
Solid fuel boiler Gefest-Profi has capacity of 800 kW and it can heat area up to 6400 m2. Microprocessor unit…
298 000 UAH
Solid fuel boiler Gefest-Profi has capacity of 1000 kW and it can heat area up to 8000 m2. Microprocessor unit…

Types of boilers and scope

Selecting and installing solid fuel boilers in residential or public space, should be implemented on the basis of external factors. Often, many owners of houses installed boilers running on gas, electricity or liquid fuels. This axiom is quite appropriate, if the suburban area summed trunk communication networks, but also by using heating equipment operating on expensive fuel is not the most practical solution for high-quality home heating system.

Heating the house is organized on the basis of floor space, climate, should consider factors presence of window and door openings, the number of floors at home, height ceilings and thick walls.

The boilers are divided into categories based on the fuel used:

  • Natural gas;
  • Electricity;
  • Gasoline, diesel oil;
  • Firewood, charcoal, peat and so on.

For the arrangement of the premises of gas equipment, it requires a backbone networks in your area.
Boilers running from the power supply, also require public communications, and the use of power is not the most economical option.
Boilers for liquid fuel, are the least efficient in terms of both economy and ecology.

The most optimal in terms of price and quality, are solid fuel boilers. Their use of the practicality, is the following factors:

  1. Savings on fuel. Solid fuel boiler works with wood, peat, coal, etc.
  2. Ecology. Solid fuel is the purest of the atmosphere, and the solid fuel boiler burns charcoal, turning it into ashes.
  3. Saving. solid fuel cost is relatively lower petrol, gas or electricity.
  4. Durability operation. Steel boiler is able to work in a hostile environment for many years.
  5. Solid fuel boilers in Kiev are provided with a guarantee of quality, so you can be confident in the reliability and durability operation of the heating equipment.

Price for solid fuel boilers

The pricing policy of our company meets the needs of both low cost and demanding customers.
By selecting from a catalog of products to meet your requirement boiler equipment, you can provide your home with quality equipment for long and wonderful years. Constructive mechanical boilers are manufactured according to strict standards, so you can be assured of safely install a heating system supplied by our company.

Buy high-quality solid fuel boilers of Ukrainian origin, is the most respectable method to create maximum comfort conditions in the building taking into account the savings on fuel, safety and environmental performance. Heating facilities heating system running on solid fuel, will allow you to create the conditions for maximum comfort for long and carefree years.