Overview of the global market of bottled water and soft drinks

Overview of the global market of bottled water and soft drinks

The global financial crisis and popular opinion abroad about the negative impact of the environmental impact PET production did their job. In 2009 the world market of bottled water and soft drinks will not exceed 1.9%. Especially noticeable decline in the production of water and drinks in the United States - with double digits in 2000-2008 to 1% for the next five years.

Market research agency Canadean conducted a survey of the world market production of bottled water and beverages. A significant decrease in growth of the market will have serious implications for the PET industry in the world, experts say.

According to Emily Neil, Director of Development business Canadean: "In the ten years to 2008 in the US bottled water accounted for 20% of global demand for beverages packaged in PET. Today, the growth in the US and European markets fell significantly. PET producers pin their hopes only on the growing Asian market. "

In the US view of the serious threat to the environment the production of PET and the ban on the use of bottled water in public institutions has led to an increase in the consumption of tap water and the increase in demand for filters. Similar trends are observed in the European markets, in particular in the UK and France.

Global beverage market growth in 2009 will not exceed 1.9% in 2010-2013. Market growth will be about 2.6% per year. Stagnation of the Western markets will be offset by growth in Asian markets beverages - China, India, Indonesia.

The total growth of the market of bottled water in 2009, according to Canadean it will be 2.8% per year, until 2013 the market will grow by 3.6% per year. In particular, the mineral water market growth this year will not exceed 0.7%, the market will grow by 1.8% per year in the coming years.

The agency Euromonitor International also forecasts a decrease in demand for bottled water. According to him, in Western Europe in 2009, the demand for water is below 2%. The highest among the developed countries, the consumption of bottled water will be in Australia, rising demand here - 3.5% per year.