What are PET kegs and how to use them

What are PET kegs and how to use them

In 2015, the "Ukrainian PET KEG" project was launched, which became the first and until now remains the only Ukrainian producer of PET KEG from granules to the finished product.

PETKEG for beer, cider, beer, kvass, lemonade, wine drinks is a disposable container (bottle) with a volume of 20 l and 30 l with a fitting type "A" (Flash), "M" (Combi), "S" "(Corb) for pouring, storage, transportation.

It is possible to complete PET kegs for beer and other drinks with fittings, a storage hybrid system (HS) and a cardboard box.


How to fill PET kegs:

  • Manual (upper) with the help of a pick-up head (claws);
  • semi-automatic using special equipment;
  • automatic (lower) on the pouring line using metal adapters.

How to transport PET kegs:

  • empty PET kegs in vertical and horizontal positions, in packages of 6 pcs. and retail;
  • filled PET kegs only in a vertical position in 1-2 tiers of half-pallets (24 pcs.), wrapped with stretch film in a single array on a pallet;

Pet kegs for wine, beer, and other beverages must be transported in compliance with the manufacturer's operating instructions and at the temperature specified by the beverage manufacturer (recommended +4 +12°С), and the closer to +4°С, the less foam formation.How to transfer filled PET kegs:

  • in a vertical position using the "hybrid system", cardboard boxes or special handles developed by the PET keg manufacturer,
  • behave carefully
  • do not allow it to fall, fall sharply on the surface, hit foreign objects, touch sharp structures, protrusions, etc.


   How to connect and disconnect PET kegs:

  • the recommended working pressure is 1.5-2.5 kg/cm².
  • make sure that the working pressure in the system does not exceed 3.0 kg/cm².
  • monitor the conformity of the fitting (type "A", "M", "S") and the intake head (type "A", "M", "S")
  • wet the fitting with specially prepared water.
  • smoothly, without jerks, put on the suction head, make sure that the suction head is installed without distortions and is in the center of the fitting, press the lever of the suction head.
  • it is forbidden to turn the intake head during installation, this can lead to depressurization of the PET keg.
  • when disconnecting: fix the empty PET keg, raise the intake head lever, smoothly disconnect the intake head from the fitting.


  How to store PET kegs:

  • the storage period of empty PET kegs between production and filling should not exceed 6 months.
  • store at a temperature from 0 to 22°C.
  • the humidity level in production and storage rooms should not exceed 70%.
  • prevent direct exposure to sunlight,
  • control the temperature regime in transport during transportation and storage of vehicles, places of storage and operation of PET keg.- long-term storage up to 9 months at a temperature of no more than 22°C and no less than 0°C.
  • short-term storage up to 1 week at a temperature of no more than 30°C
  • the maximum pressure at all temperatures is 3.0 kg/cm².
  • exceeding the temperature standards leads to an increase in pressure in the middle of the PET keg, which can lead to its deformation.

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