Craft Beer Fest 2016 Kyiv

Craft Beer Fest 2016 Kyiv

14-15th of October 2016 the first crafting beer festival boomed in Kyiv - Craft Beer Fest 2016.
The organizer of this event was the National Complex Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNH).

The event was packed with a variety of exclusive sorts of beer crafting. There were announced more than 14 participants from all over Ukraine, in fact, all of them participated.













  • Lucky Men Brewery /Dnipro/
  • K&F Brewery /Zaporizzhya/
  • Andrii's Craft Brewery /Kyiv/
  • VG Craft Beer /Kyiv/
  • First Dnipro Brewery /Dnipro/
  • Nos Tywyll Craft Brewery /Kyiv/
  • Pyaniy Gnom /Kyiv/
  • Burgоmistr /Lviv/
  • Zёzя Brewery /Odesa/
  • White rabbit /Kriviy Rig/
  • Pravda. Beer Theatre. Lviv /Lviv/
  • Aristocraft /Kyiv/
  • Varvar brewery /Kyiv/
  • Tsipa (Kvass)

Each in his own way tried to impress visitors - one had a variety of flavors, other had girls :)
The most original and interesting beer brewers were Varvar brewery - surprised with a seasonal beer SOUR FACE BLACK CURRANT.
Behind this complicated name you will enjoy beer made with blackcurrant with an incredible sweet and sour taste, which is definitely catchy.
Such color clearly attracted visitors since it was absolutely different.

Varvar Black Currant

BIERWELLE pleased with an incredible number of flavors. Brewers recommended beer with a catchy name - Joker!
It is noteworthy that the bottle label has been designed in the style of Suicide Squad with the graphic image of the character.

bierwelle joker  Bierwelle stand

Among the participants were able to talk with the guys from Zaporizzhya - Burgomistr beer. Brewers make the product as for themselves as it started as a fully hobby, but now they supply beer to retails in Ukraine.


The final chord of the Craft Beer Fest in Kyiv was a giveaway of 2 boxes of beer from Bierwelle and riding on an old-school motorcycle!
Everything was great and with style!

Bierwelle Motorcycle


P.S. Among the topics of discussion in the framework of the Craft Beer Fest 2016 was touched upon the role of PET Kegs in beer business (in crafting beer environment). Many people know about the PET kegs firsthand and turning their attention to the use of plastic keg because the cost of such containers - surely a real win.

And despite the fact that there are people who doubt in the future of the keg - no one can deny the use of such material in the supply of beer outside the region and abroad.