International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs 2017

International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs 2017


The forum was held not the first time and this year there were about 200 participants. The main and important part of the forum was on October 19th, such topics were discussed: 


  • Development of the craft in Ukraine: begin with yourself.
  • Brewery in the Ukrainian legal field. Ways to solve the main problems.
  • Ukrainian brewing: orientation towards the West?


MCT Company took part directly in the exhibition events of the forum on October 19th.
In the framework of the International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs in Rivne 2 solutions for PET Keg packaging were presented.


A completely new version of plastic TUBUS-ADAPTER for PET Keg turnover at the place of production of the brewery. Excellent engineering solution, convenient handles for transport, lower drainage holes. The adapter is convenient for storing - it is stored upwards in the lock up to 4 pieces.
Bright colors for the customer's choice. Full protection of PET Keg during transfer and fall.
Withstands a fall from a height of 2 meters. Special price for the exhibitors

ADAPTER consists of 3 assembly parts:

  1. Bottom part with a drainage hole
  2. Main side part with stiffeners
  3. Upper part with removable lid

The second new product is a cardboard box for delivering beer in PET Keg to one side (the so-called export version) irrevocably.
Many customers appreciated the possibilities of the cardboard box: it proved to be more advanced than all previously known offers. Convenient storage, special folding valves, which strengthen the top of the box, so that it's convenient to put PET Keg on top. Sturdy cut-off handles, ventilation holes and a strong 4-valve bottom.

The most interesting properties of the cardboard box are the convenience of storage (folded) and the possibility to put information on the sides of the box. The cardboard box is delivered as follows:

  • PET Keg with external thread + fitting (type A) in the polyethylene bag and under pressure
  • Cardboard box

Visitors of the Forum were very receptive to the new solutions for packaging and transporting PET Keg. We received a sample of a new product for brewers and restaurateurs - a glass with a twist cover for craft beer - for storage and for individual consumption.