How to use plastic kegs?

How to use plastic kegs?

Plastic keg is the most popular container for fermentation beverages, such as beer, cider, lemonade or even kvass. The popularity of such kegs is due to the low cost of production and non-returnability. This means that after filling the pet keg with a drink, keg does not need to be returned back.


Direct use of kegs

This is the filling and storage of fermentation drinks. Also, such packaging has proved itself to be used for export or for bottling at various festivals of craft beer. Very reliable sources also report that the plastic keg was also loved by winemakers. They use such containers to fermentation of the wine.







Alternative use of kegs

Alternatively, a plastic keg can be used for fun activities. You can create such things with pet kegs:

  • Feeders
  • The device for watering
  • Shower
  • Punching bag
  • Catamaran!!!

If you are going to use a plastic keg for the intended purpose - it is worth following the basic rules.


How to use plastic kegs correctly

  • Pet keg, volume of 30 liters is used for pouring carbonated beverages,
    the temperature of which does not exceed 30°C

  • To fill the pet keg, use only the appropriate head!

  • Do not exceed the maximum pressure - 3 bar

  • Filled keg must be stored in the package

  • Filled keg is not allowed to roll without a plastic tubus-adapter

  • Pet keg must be protected from external damage


Disposal of plastic kegs
  • The cardboard box, which has lost its usability, goes to waste paper receiving points

  • With the help of the intake head the pressure of pet keg is discharged

  • Using a fitting key, the fitting is unscrewed

  • Pet keg is compressed to a minimum size for further utilization at processing plants

  • The plastic tubus-adapter is suitable for repeated use