Note regarding Restaurateur Forum 2017

Note regarding Restaurateur Forum 2017

April 2017, Kyiv, Hotel "Bratislava".

A significant industry event of the year INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF RESTAURATEURS AND BREWERS was held. The event was extremely saturated with the knowledge and experience of famous craft brewers Vasily Mikulin, Alexander Shatalov, Dmitry Nekrasov and others.

Brewers shared their achievements in the organization of craft brewing, both from the rostrum of the Forum, and in informal communication.
Our company presented the participants of the forum with a finished product PET keg (with a flash fittings in a cardboard tube) filled with beer "JOY" from Dmitry Nekrasov. On the eve of the event Dmitry Nekrasov took for testing the pet keg with a new plastic fitting and filled it at the plant in Dnipro-city. Pet Keg worthy of sustained transportation from Dnipro to Kiev and pleased the visitors and participants of the Forum on April 6.

Pet Keg was used at the Forum with the help of equipment from MagnumBeer. Taste qualities of the drink in the PET keg were preserved and were transferred to consumers according to their intended purpose.

We overheard the general mood of the Brewers. It can be characterized as follows: "... soon the Europeans will start to go to our beer tours ...".
A pet keg, in the meantime, will contribute to the development of the beer industry.