Hybrid Pet Keg 30 liters

A 30-liter pet keg with a flash fitting (A) complete with removable plastic handles and bottom. This system allows you to conveniently store and transport your drink. The five-petal lower part is fixed on the keg legs. The upper part of the system (handle) is installed on the neck of the keg and snaps into place. Price for 24 pcs or more.

Price: €6,70
Material Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Thread external
Fitting compatibility included FLESH (A)
Volume 30 liter
Weight of set 1,12 kg
Height of set 610 mm
Height of keg 570 mm
Diameter of upper handle 285 mm
Wall thickness 0,27 - 0,5 mm
Working pressure 2,5 atm
Country of origin Ukraine
Extra removable handles and bottom
Pieces per pack 6 pcs