PET Keg w/ external thread

PET Keg, with a volume of 30 liters is an excellent alternative to expensive metal kegs and a perfect start if you want to build a business! PET Keg can be used for wine, cider, beer, kvass or lemonade. Fitting included! Price for 12 pcs or more.

Price: €5,10
Material Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Thread external
Fitting compatibility included FLASH (A)
Volume 30 liter
Weight 499 g
Height (with fitting) 570 mm
Height 560 mm
Diameter 300 mm
Wall thickness 0,27 - 0,5 mm
Working pressure 2,5 atm
Country of origin Ukraine
Recommended packaging Cardboard box, Tubus-adapter
Warning for PET KEG users in hot season!