Equipment for beer bottling (and not only)

With the worldwide development of the craft beverages - beer, lemonade, cider and kvass, more and more people are becoming interested in this field. If you already know exactly what kind of beverage you are going to produce, it's time to think about the right equipment for filling bottles with your craft drink. For bottling beer into bottles it is absolutely not necessary to use huge installations, monoblocks or lines, especially for craft production. Manual isobaric filling machine - that's what can really help you when bottling your drinks!

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€5 172
Manual equipment with 2 heads for bottling carbonated and non-carbonated drinks (lemonade, kvass, beer).
€6 396
Manual filling machine for beer, kvass, lemonade, other carbonated and still drinks. 4 filling heads.
€7 452
Manual filling machine for beer, kvass, lemonade, other carbonated and still drinks. 6 filling heads.
€8 640
Manual filling equipment (8 filling heads) for beer, kvass, lemonade, other carbonated and still drinks.

Bottle washing and rinsing

For the production of craft beer one of the important elements of the whole complex of beer equipment is a device for washing and rinsing bottles. With the help of a washer, you can prepare container for your drink (beer, kvass, lemonade or cider) quickly. The washing process takes place in a semi-automatic mode: you will first need to load the container for cleaning in the machine. After washing - move to the rinse compartment.


Pasteurizer for beer

The device, which allows you to extend the terms of beer, which produces "pasteurization" of beer, in other words "heat treatment", is called a "pasteurizer". What's its purpose? The process itself is bringing the beer t°C to the values ​​determined in the technological requirements for the drink and holding for a given t°C a certain time interval. The next step is cooling the beverage to storage t°C.

Basically for this type of device there are 2 categories:

  1. Plate pasteurizers
  2. Tunnel pasteurizers