5 gallon water bottle caps

These are necessary consumables for 5 gallon water bottles.
This cap serves several important functions:

  • Barrier. Water cooler bottle caps serve as a barrier against water spilling from the bottle during transportation;
  • Hygienic. It protects against falling into the water any substances or particles from the outside;
  • Branding. Caps can be adapted to fit your marketing needs and can include a logo or any image on a sticker. Additionally, the cap may be in a desired color scheme to match your style.
  • Compatibility. Such caps may be used with 3 gallon water bottles.
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5 gallon caps: Types

There are not many kinds of caps, but each of them has its own characteristics. Generally considered are:

  1. Water cooler bottle caps (3-components). From the name implies that it is composed of three components - insert, valve and sticker. The insert performs a sealing function and tightness.
    It removes the gap between the bottle neck and cap, to put it simply - removes emptiness. The valve opens (and closes) channel for supplying water to the water cooler. Sticker protects the cap for bottles from dust that can get inside the valve. Also sticker is your additional advertising, because it can contain your logo and other marketing related images.
  2. Cap "EcoCap" (Universal). It's designed without insert and valve. There are changes in construction for compatibility with coolers and to ensure a tight seal. For compatibility with the cooler it has a perforated central part to break with cooler needle under the influence of the weight of a full bottle. For sealing, it is structurally equipped with vertical and horizontal seals on the walls.
  3. Cap "Simple" (also it is called "Deaf"). Without the valve, insert and without sticker. To remove - pull tab. The cheapest version of the 5 gallon jug lids.

18.9 litre water bottle caps: Materials

Since caps are in contact with water, all materials are safe for humans and does not contain harmful substances.
Whole cap and valve are from food grade plastic high pressure. Insert are made of isolon.
All these materials does not affect the taste of water.