Water cooler

Today, most companies use water cooler in the office. This device not only enables high-quality drinking water, but also sets its required temperature. The unit has a handy dispenser and does not take much space. For companies that are engaged in the delivery of water it is important to be confident in the quality and reliability of equipment. Our equipment is tested and has a good warranty.

Interested in buying water coolers in bulk?

Since most of us spend a lot of time at work, a good solution would be to install water coolers in the office. This is true not only for small companies, but also for large enterprises, with more than 100 employees. On average, a cooler is designed for 8-10 people.  Working with a large number of customers, it is better to buy water coolers in bulk with different functionality. It will be profitable in buying and servicing too.

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Water cooler Clover is ready to be used. It passed prophylaxis and steam treatment. This cooler is equipped…
Such water cooler is one of a kind, that is reliable, has great build quality and popularity. Good choice, both…
Water cooler WBF-1000LA - has become a quality standard and recognition of "Family" brand. This popular model,…

We offer water coolers

In today's market you can find offers from a large number of manufacturers. A similar tech produced in many countries, but the leading companies are from China and South Korea. Korean tech is distinguished by its reliability and quality, but Chinese are known by its budget models. A wide range allows you to select the optimal model for small businesses or large office centers. We recommend to pay attention to the following brands:

  • Family
  • Clover
  • HotFrost
  • Crystal
  • Cooper & Hunter

The first major difference between the water coolers is a type of installation. This may be floor or table model. The former have a large size, they can use bottles up to 20 liters (5 gallons). Table models - even in small spaces may be used where space is limited. 

Another difference is considered functionality. Some devices may not only cool water but heat it simultaneously. Water cooling may be carried out in two ways - electronically or with compressor. The compressor type can cool down the water to 5°C. Electronic type does not create noise, is often used in offices with a small number of employees. Popular and those other coolers for water, buy the most profitable model through the Internet.

Buying a water cooler

Working throughout Ukraine and Europe, our company provides equipment directly from the manufacturer. You can also buy used water coolers in good condition, such purchases are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. All devices are tested, have warrany, and you can make an order directly through the site. It will be faster and more convenient than buying equipment in conventional retail stores.