PET kegs

Despite the fact that the plastic bottles for bottling carbonated beverages, beer or kvass used for a long time - since the middle of the twentieth century, the idea to use this material for the manufacture of keg appeared recently.
The first line of the products introduced in 2011, the British company Petainer, a leader in the country for the production of plastic containers. New once relished the British, Irish and continental brewers and supply of PET kegs for beer and other liquids began in many countries.

In 2015, we implemented the "UKRAINIAN PET KEG" project, which became the first and until now remains the only Ukrainian manufacturer of PET KEG - from granules to the finished product..
Despite the recent invention of non-returnable containers, it has managed to oust stainless steel kegs. Today the manufacture of PET kegs are engaged in many corporations in different countries of the world and PET kegs you can buy anywhere in the world.

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PET Keg Hybrid with a volume of 20 liters is a strong and convenient container for your drink (beer, wine, cider, kvass…
A 30-liter pet keg with a flash fitting (A) complete with removable plastic handles and bottom. This system allows you to…
PET Keg, with a volume of 30 liters is an excellent alternative to expensive metal kegs and a perfect start if you want…
20 liters PET Keg is a comfy and affordable container for your drink (beer, wine, cider, lemonade). Such volume of the keg…
Convenient handle for pet kegs. It is used when removing from an automatic conveyor, installing on a line, in a hybrid system,…
Durable PET Keg, volume of 30 liters for cider, kvass, beer and other carbonated or fermented beverages.…
The metal adapter allows you to use pet keg on automatic lines for filling beer. Adapter mounts on top of a pet keg…
Tubus-adapter provides more comfy and safe way to carry and store PET Kegs. PET Kegs and fittings are sold…
Cardboard tubus with handles for PET Kegs. Pre-order!
Solution for export of PET Keg. 5-ply cardboard will reliably protect kegs on the way.
Plastic tubus with handles for PET Kegs.
Universal key for plastic fittings (type A & G). It consists of a body with gripper teeth and a movable handle.
Pay attention! Steinweg ain't no ordinary beer glass. It has a sealed cover and it is comfy to travel and live with.The…


Direct purpose of the PET kegs - saving. Low, compared with metal kegami, the cost is a major plus. It is no secret that significant funds are invested manufacturers and distributors in the purchase of returnable containers - an expensive and inconvenient to use (transportation, purification, storage, etc.). Since the beginning of use in the manufacture of PET kegs thing of the past and the concept of "collateral packaging", leaves a wholesaler manufacturer instead received a product. All of this greatly simplifies the trading relationship between the factory and the buyer - to buy a keg of polymer became more profitable option than the use of metal.

Application area

Application area of PET keg is sufficiently large. Breweries, carbonated soft drinks plants, kvass plants,brewery crafting, etc. PET kegs can completely replace steel in the manufacture of reusable, that does not affect the quality of the product. When this plastic kegs with all types of standardized fitting (as with threads, and a latch), and are used for filling the same lines as that of stainless steel construction.


The use of PET kegs has a number of indisputable advantages:

  • Economic benefits. Because the container is disposable, the wholesaler is not necessary when using it to bear the extra costs of the return payment. However, it should be noted that "disposability" this conventional. Thanks to the huge margin, with proper cleaning procedure, the PET keg withstands up to 10 cycles. The costs of storage, washing, return transportation, repairs empty reusable containers eventually laid in the cost of production, significantly increasing their selling price. And this is for obvious reasons, is not profitable, not only the buyer but also the seller. The lower the value of the product, the lower the threshold of entering the business: more sales momentum, and ultimately, greater total profits. Significant funds are not invested in the purchase of reusable containers to transport goods, and put into circulation, increasing the company's revenues.
  • Ease and speed of transportation. Using disposable kegs may accelerate the delivery of large volumes of goods from producer to distributor warehouses or other wholesaler. Due to the ease of plastic compared to steel, it is possible to transport up to 660 wagon PET keg that exceeds the loading machines steel kegami. This implies a decrease in financial expenses for the delivery of the consignment, and time waste.
  • Lower thermal conductivity of plastic in comparison with steel. As a result, plastic containers longer maintain low temperature than steel ones.
  • Lower disposal costs. Leading producing organizations provide customers a new recycling service - reception used compressed PET recycled.


When purchasing PET kegs in order to avoid deformation are available in the import performance of the customer filled with nitrogen in the Ukrainian version - packed in cardboard tubes with special impregnation. Standard PET kegs made of PET - safe polymer, colored translucent brown. Toning protect beverages from the effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, allowing them to maintain the original quality. Plastic kegs for safe transportation is placed in a tube made of multilayered cardboard with waterproof impregnation. The bottom is provided with crossed ribbons connected to the eyelets (handles) for carrying a cardboard packaging. The form of PET plastic bottle resembles a keg large size - the amount of disposable keg of 30 liters. Bottom for PET kegs stability equipped with five legs, enabling it to set without tube. Robust internal locking thread prevents carbon dioxide to come out, and the inside does not transmit oxygen.


  • Weight - 425 g
  • Height (with fitting) - 57 cm
  • Height (without fitting) - 56 cm
  • The diameter in the center - 30 cm
  • wall thickness - 0,27 - 0,5 mm
  • Maximum pressure:
    The maximum permissible filling with fluid - up to 2,5 kg per square cm
    Deforming - 5 kg per square cm
    Breaking (breaking) - 7,5 kg per square cm