Plastic food grade buckets with a lid are containers designed for airtight packing, safe storage and transportation of food products.

The advantages of such a container are: light weight, solid construction; affordable price; resistance to both low and high temperatures; environmental safety, no odors; a variety of shapes: from round or oval regular shapes to compact square and rectangular buckets; large variety of volumes: from 500 ml to 5900 ml; ease of use; the ability to keep food fresh for a long time due to a tight sealed lid; ease of filling and transportation; plasticity, due to which buckets can be stacked in several tiers.

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Container for food products (preserves, fish, pickles, etc.) with a lid, volume 500 ml with a control lock and a handle.…
Plastic food grade bucket with a sealed lid for food products - preserves, fish, pickles, meat products, ice cream. The…
Food container for packing and storing food - fish preserves, sauces, pickles, ice cream, honey. Round bucket with a lid,…
Oval food grade bucket with control lock and handle, transparent body. Airtight lid. Volume 5900 ml. Wholesale.
A food grade container for ice cream, sauces, fish, preserves. Transparent body, sealed lid, handle. Volume 3.4 liters.…
A food grade bucket with an airtight lid, square shape. Application: for ice cream, preserves, fish, meat and dairy products,…
This is a food container, volume 1000 ml, square shaped, with an airtight lid and handle. Transparent body. Suitable for…


Food plastic buckets with a sealed lid are designed for filling and packaging, safe storage and safe transportation of food products. In such buckets, you can store ready-made products and dishes:

  • fish preserves, meat and dairy products
  • various sauces
  • pickles
  • conserved vegetables and fruits
  • ice cream
  • honey
  • flour and sugar

This container is suitable for both industrial use and personal use. This means that a bucket made of food grade plastic will be useful in household, in catering establishments, and in food production. So, beekeepers can store and sell honey in them, housewives can salt fish or cucumbers, and cooks can store food preparations. In all these cases, it is convenient and safe to use food grade plastic buckets.

Such a bucket can be easily washed with water and does not require special care. It is also famous for its lightness and ease of use. Such inventory will not take up much space in your kitchen or pantry, but it will bring you the maximum benefit. In addition, plastic food grade buckets can also serve as a container for non-food products, for example, loose and liquid building materials, household chemicals and others.

What food buckets are made of

It is possible that when buying such a product, you were faced with a situation when a doubt overtook: is it really a food grade bucket and whether it is possible to put food in it at all. Any food grade container should be made from materials that will not harm a person or worsen his health by releasing unwanted chemicals. This is important because it must be safe to store food in them.

Our food buckets are manufactured using high quality polypropylene, in accordance with all technological conditions, norms and standards, which makes them completely harmless for storing different food. Such containers do not have any unpleasant or "chemical" smell.

When choosing a food grade bucket, always pay attention to a certain label: a triangle of arrows with the signature PP (polypropylene) and HDPE (polyethylene) tells us that this plastic can be in contact with food for a long time.

The sealed lid prevents any bacterial contamination, strongly protects the contents from unwanted leakage, helps to better preserve perishable products, avoid the spread of odors, and an additional control seal eliminates unauthorized interference with the contained product.

The transparency of the container allows you to see what's inside the closed container, which is on the shelf or in the refrigerator. Additionally, the buckets are equipped with strong plastic handles for easy movement or transportation.

Where to buy

Quality and reliable plastic food grade buckets can be purchased in bulk on our website. We provide products that are safe for health and reliable in use. When buying from us you'll get qualified advice from the best managers, a convenient form of payment and always fast delivery.