Beer Theme Dictionary

Beer Theme Dictionary

What this Beer Dictionary is all about

For a better understanding of the beer direction of our business, we created this post with the most frequently used words and gave explanations. The dictionary is alive and will be updated with new terms related to beer.


Craft Beer

Beer from an independent (from large alcohol companies) brewer, whose annual production does not exceed 6 million barrels of beer. The emphasis of such beer is on quality and taste.


Beer Equipment

Technological equipment directly related to the production, bottling or packaging of beer.


Isobaric Filling

Beer bottling using an isobaric bottling machine. This method of beer bottling is characterized by the fact that it is intended for beverages (saturated with carbon dioxide) from containers under pressure. Carbon dioxide from the cylinder fills the container into which the drink is poured, forcing air out of it and creating a pressure equal to the pressure in the container with the drink. With such type of filling, the drink retains its quality characteristics and is filled into the container quickly.



Content for bottling and storage of beer and other alcoholic (cider) and soft drinks (kvass, lemonade). Kegs are the most important part in the production of beer, because transportation and sale of the drink to HORECA institutions are done in such containers. Standard keg volumes are 50 liters, 30 liters, 20 liters, 25 liters. The typical material from which kegs are being made are plastic (PET) or metal (aluminum, stainless steel).



Connection or link between the keg and the filling equipment. Actually, beer is poured into a keg through a fitting. The fitting consists of 2 elements - a tube and a head. The head is an important part of the fitting, because it must match the type of intake head ("pliers"). In Ukraine, the most popular types of intake heads are A (Flash), G (Truncated Flash), M (Combi), S (Korb).



The full name is polyethylene terephthalate. This type of plastic is used for various packaging materials, including PET kegs, PET bottles, etc.


PET Keg Adapter

Plastic keg accessory, which provides a more comfortable way for storage, transportation, and also performs a protective function because PET Keg is easy enough to hole with a sharp object. In some cases, the adapter allows you to use plastic keg on the lines of automatic filling. There are 4 variations: metal adapter for automatic lines, plastic tubus adapter with ribs, plastic smooth tubus, cardboard tubus.


Cardboard box for PET KEG

One of the cheapest and reliable options for packing plastic keg for its protection and further transportation. Made from 5-ply die-cut cardboard for easy assembly.


Fitting Key

To unscrew the fitting from the pet keg there is a special key that allows you to conveniently unscrew the fitting and not damage the keg.