Beermaster Day 2016

Beermaster Day 2016

On 21st  of May 2016 was held the festival of import beer Beermaster Day, organized by grocery network 'Silpo'.

In the center of modern art M17 indeed had many excellent beer, which was presented by country-leaders in brewing business.  Which countries are by default leaders in this field by 'Silpo'? These are Belgium, Germany, USA, UK, France, Austria and the Czech Republic. Among the participants were many famous brands, including BOCQ (Belgium), Eggenberg (Austria), Uerige (Germany), which had a lot of attention from visitors of the festival.

Our attention was focused on equipment that is used by brewers. Products were mainly packaged in glass bottles, but also we captured beer in Italian PET keg with volume of 20 liters. Compared to ukrainian PET keg, the benefits are on our





Benefits of ukrainian PET Keg:

Photos from Beermaster Day 2016

Eggenberg (Austria) BOCQ (Belgium)

Italian PET keg 20 l volume