Cap for bottles "Monocap"

The "Monocap" cap is the latest technology on the European market. The cap is made using the technology of simultaneous pouring of all parts (cap body, valve and insert), which guarantees complete tightness and originality of the product in the bottle. This is also facilitated by the insert made of rubber-like foamed thermoplastic elastomer. The simultaneous production of all parts allows to reduce the number of individual waste parts and reduces the burden on the environment.The cap for 19-liter bottles consists of 3 components: valve, insert, sticker.

Price: €0,09
Material Termoplastic elastomer
Net Weight 9,1 g
Diameter 55 mm
Height (with strap) 54 mm
Options with sticker
Quantity in a carton 550 pcs
Additionally - 3 components (cap, valve, sticker);
- strap for opening;
Country of origin Poland